The Hazleton Housing Authority offers both a Public Housing Program and Section 8 Voucher Program.

Public Housing Program

The Hazleton Housing Authority (HHA) was established in 1968 and between the years of 1970-1971 constructed four sites of Public Housing. HHA currently manages 100 units of families at our Vine West Community, 100 units of elderly and disabled at our 50 East and 70 West Juniper Street locations and 99 units at our 320 West Mine Street location. Our main office is located at 320 West Mine Street. Hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Fridays, closed holidays and weekends.

The HHA provides affordable, decent and sanitary housing opportunities to low and moderate-income families, including elderly and disabled persons, while supporting programs to foster economic self-sufficiency and personal growth.

Section 8 Voucher Program

The Section 8 program of the Hazleton Housing Authority (HHA) is charged with meeting objectives through housing assistance programs available from the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

There is an undeniable need for low-income housing assistance within the jurisdiction of the HHA, as evidenced by the very large waiting list for the Section 8 programs.

There is also a need for quality housing units available for program participants. The HHA will strive to attain 100 percent lease-up, thereby efficiently using all its resources that were allocated.

We approach the administration of the program with a positive attitude. We have established realistic and attainable goals and have given particular thought to the numbers of families who can be expected to need and want to move to better housing.

The HHA Section 8 program strives to effectively serve its clients. We will follow and carry out the Authority’s responsibilities as set forth in applicable HUD regulations and federal legislation.

The strategy is to achieve the attainable goals in the simplest manner possible, at the least expense, while complying with the Section 8 requirements and regulations.

Public housing units are actual buildings and apartments owned by the HHA. Section 8 works basically the same way as public housing. The only difference is that the apartment or home is owned by a private landlord and not by HHA. Section 8 is a subsidy attached to the resident.